The IP Office 500v2 Communications Solution supports up to 384 telephones and 8 T1/E1 trunks. Avaya IP office provides full voice functionality with a wide range of features. IP Office
can be configured as a traditional PBX and used as a traditional
telephone system with call routing or can be configured as an IP
telephony server.

Supports up to 384 extensions (digital, IP & analog

Trunk interface- 204 Analog trunks, 8-PRI trunks (240-channels),

128 SIP trunks voice

2x64 particiant conferences,

Meet-<e Conferencing

Supports up to 1000 employees across 32 locations

Nortel Networks BCM

Digital and VOIP Phone Systems

Serving Virginia, Maryland and the District Of Columbia

The Avaya Partner ACS System is the perfect phone system for small and growing businesses in need of 2 to 40 phones. Restaurants love the Avaya Partner ACS Processor. Built to meet Avaya telephones legendary standard of excellence, the Avaya Partner ACS System is easy to use and highly reliable. With a rich list of features, including two cost effective voicemail options, there’s a Partner ACS system for every budget.

Installed today in millions of businesses across the US and worldwide, the popularity of Avaya Partner ACS system means there’s always a qualified technician near you.

We offer a complete range of Avaya Partner parts for maintaining or expanding your current Partner Plus, Partner II Systems or Partner ACS system.

Thinking of upgrading? We can help you migrate your Partner II or Partner Plus to a Partner ACS. Just want to upgrade your phones or your processor? We can put together the right combination of new and refurbished Avaya Partner parts to get the job done.

The Avaya Partner Telephone System is the right system for your growing business.


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         Nortel BCM Comparison

  BCM50,200,400 and 450
VoIP Support
No. of Simultaneous IP Trunk Gateway Users: 12 60 60 130 with CEC
No. of IP Clients Supported 32 90 90 300 with CEC
QoS Monitor and PSTN Call Setup Fallback: √ √ √ √
VPN Support
No of Secure IPSec server to server tunnels: 5 20 20 No Inbuilt Router
Connectivity to another BCM or Nortel Router: √ √ √ √
Voice Messaging √ √ √ √
Unified Messaging √ √ √ √
Fax Messaging & Answering √ √ √ √
Fax Attendant Overflow √ √ √ √
Fax on Demand √ √ √ √
Custom Call Routing √ √ √ √
Intelligent Call Centre Support
Intelligent & Multimedia Call Centre Support: √ √ √ √
No. of Skillsets: 50 50 50 50
No. of Active Agents: 30 80 80 80
Wallboard Support: √ √ √ √
System Management
Business Element Manager: √ √ √ √
Remote Administration and Configuration via IP Network: √ √ √ √
Monitor Events and Alarms: √ √ √ √
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Support
Calls Can be Routed to a Centralised IVR: √ √ √ Next Release
Data Networking
LAN Ports: 3 (3 Add.) 2 2 2
A full range of Data Networking options are available.
Telephony Support
The full range of IP, digital and analogue phones can be used.