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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are a must for businesses. They provide an easy, reliable way to monitor activity, even when you are not there. Cannon will help you determine key areas of your facility that should have surveillance. We can also incorporate existing security cameras into your new CCTV surveillance system.

We offer several types of video surveillance systems from trusted brands like Samsung, Axis, Exacqvision, and Interlogix.  The benefits of video surveillance are endless, but they ultimately give you more control of your business.

* Monitor important areas such as stock rooms and cash registers.
* Keep an eye on your business, even when you’re not there.
* Receive alerts to your email or phone when cameras are triggered.

Digital and Hybrid Video Recorders

Monitor your business with high-speed Internet using digital and hybrid video recorders (HVRs). These shoot quality, clear video, record motion, and email clips to authorities in the event of an emergency.

Our hybrid recorders are ideal for businesses that already have existing analog equipment. Cannon can incorporate analog and IP cameras into one video surveillance system, rather than installing a brand new one.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras make it easy to monitor your business. For businesses that need to make sure their cameras are hidden, these are easy to install in secure places without complicated wiring. Because of easy installation, they are great for large business complexes that need lots of surveillance. These wireless security cameras are weather-resistant and can be placed both inside and outside. In addition, audio options are available for those who want to see and hear what is going on.

Infrared Night Vision Cameras

For business owners who want full protection over their inventory or other areas vulnerable to theft, an infrared night vision camera is recommended. Infrared technology allows business owners to see detailed images in the dark. This makes it much easier to identify criminal activity and suspects. Infrared night vision cameras are great for businesses that are not open 24/7, especially retail stores and other businesses that have inventory to protect.

High-Def Megapixel IP Cameras

This surveillance technology provides much higher resolution images than analog closed circuit television cameras, making it easy to get detailed images or identify faces. High-def megapixel IP cameras are best for businesses that need to monitor people or objects in a scene because of the great detail and clarity they offer; however, these are more expensive than analog cameras. For businesses that need point of sales monitoring, this type of camera is a great solution.Type your paragraph here.